Reinforcement of concrete slab

Reinforcement of concrete slab


Reinforcement of a concrete slab of a floor or concrete road for passage of heavy equipment is carried out by a BASIS composite mesh with a rod 8mm and a cell 200×200 or 150×150 mm. This photo reinforces the slab of a concrete road at an oil refinery. Reinforcement of 200 meters square plates in two layers was carried out in less than a day, pouring concrete took about 3 hours. If the same amount of work done with iron reinforcement will take at least four days.


The guys who erected the frame and poured the concrete, very positively appreciated the BASIS composite mesh, first it is not necessary to knit the individual rods among themselves, secondly the mesh maps are very light, to be worn much more easily than the iron fittings.



Composite mesh in two layers



Workers pour concrete reinforced with a grid basis


Here is such a wonderful concrete site turned out, much faster, cheaper and more reliable than with iron fittings.


Concrete reinforced concrete slab