PRODUCTION LINE PL-KS2 (Production Line-Composite Mesh2)

PRODUCTION LINE PL-KS2 (Production Line-Composite Mesh2)


Self-cost of the products is 12% LOWER

Download the offer of the PL-KS2 fiberglass reinforcements production line Download the offer of the equipment for the production of PL-KS1 (Production Line – Composite Mesh 1) fiberglass reinforcements

Production of fiberglass composite reinforcements and delivery of the equipment used for production of the fiberglass reinforcements is a basic speciality of Armatura+ Company.

The production line for composite fiberglass reinforcements PL-KS2 is our latest development. For the last three years of sales of PL-KS1 production lines, a large amount of improvements and modernizations was accumulated. The above-mentioned matter involved every production assembly starting from the roving impregnating bath and ending with a hank winder.

Our basic idea in the course of the new production line development was the only one concept: increase of productivity without hampering of the technology! The fact is that composite fiberglass reinforcements production, first of all, constitutes the process of resin polymerization, and the degree of accuracy of this process flow influences the quality of the finished product. From this point of view, in order to increase productivity we had to find a balance between several limiting

parameters such as the furnace temperature, broaching speed, furnace length and a number of rods broached. This is a merely practical task, which is experimental and cannot be solved simply in paper form. That is why in the last three years we carried out a lot of experiments, and the last year was devoted to the run-in of our new production line PL-KS-2! The equipment for fiberglass composite reinforcements production is sold at the price starting from 1,000,000 Russian rubles.

The equipment productivity for the reinforcements production is 40% higher! What is the best way to increase productivity? The simplest way lies in the speed increase, but the peak temperature in the furnace shall not exceed 220 degrees Celsius, otherwise thermal shock in the course of polymerization drastically reduces the reinforcements quality. What shall be done with it? We increased the amount of simultaneously produced rods. PL-KS2 production line produces simultaneously 4 bars of composite reinforcements, and this results in 30% productivity increase which grants additional 10%. The secret lies in polymerization furnaces and stability of their parameters, as well as the heating diagram used in different furnace areas.

The product self-cost is 12% lower. In order to reduce the self-cost, we worked simultaneously in three directions. First of all, the higher productivity is, the lower self-cost is. Secondly, we save on resins on account of optimization of the soaking and streak process. Thirdly, we increase the assembly service life and reduce the number of consumables.

Description of assemblies of PL-KS2 production line

Set of Components:

S2-PS4-PM-O4-B2-PM4.8(Zh)-BO1-T1-R4-L12-AB1-PP1-MPO2-(L or P)

compozit meshS2 – Two Racks for Roving Placement having the length of 1 meter, the width of 30 centimetres and the height of 2 meters. One rack hosts 21 coils of fiberglass roving EDR-2400, 4800 or 9600 technically. Overall capacity comprises 42 coils Dimensions of 2 racks are the following: the length comprises 1 meter, the width is 60 centimeters, the height is 2 meters.



compozit meshPS4 – Standard Soaking Assembly in 4 streams. The assembly for soaking of roving in the epoxy resin. The dimensions are the following: the length is 1.5 meters, the width is 45 сentimeters, the height is 90 centimeters. PS4 assembly is intended for the production of diameters comprising up to 10 mm inclusively in 4 streams, the diameters of 12mm—14 mm – in 2 streams, 16mm—18mm — in 1 stream.


produce compozit meshPM – Pretreatment Furnace Based on Magnesial Sheets. It is intended for removal of light components made of resin solution (spirits and acetone). SM is remarkable for its high thermal efficiency. The length is 0.8 meters, the width is 0.5 meters, the height is 1.1 meter.



compozit mesh machineO4 – Coil Winder in 4 Streams. It is intended for winding of rods with fibers. It is driven by 2 electric motors having a belt drive.




compozit mesh lineB2 – Wide Top Coat Hopper intended for magnesial 4-stream furnace. Dimensions: the length is 1meters, the width is 0.5 meters, the height is 1.3 meters.




Production Line composit meshPM4.8(Zh) — 4-Stream 8-meter Magnesite Furnace. It is remarkable for high stability of temperature parameters. It is comprised of four sections with the length of 2 meters. Zh indicates yellow colour.



BO1 – Air Cooling Assembly based on 1 industrial fan.

Mesh puling mechanizm


Т1 – Track-Type Pulling Mechanism intended for pulling of reinforcement rods through all technological line assemblies. The structure is remarkable for high stability and long-term service life.



Futomatic mesh cuter


R4 — Automatic 4-Stream Cutter. The drives have pneumocylinders.



produce line for compozit mesh


L12 – Finished Products Output Tray Having the Length of 12 Meters.



compozit mesh produsing

AB1 – Automatic Hank Winder Intended for 1 Diameter of 1 Meter.



Mesh furniture sandlerP1 – Sand Furnace of Type 1. Dimensions: the length is 1 meter, the width is 60 centimeters, the height is 45 centimeters. It is equipped with 2 CT (Coil Tubing) lamps.




Why is it cost-efficient to buy the equipment for production of fiberglass reinforcements from our company?

  • · High profit from sales
  • · Possibility to launch high quality products under our trademark
  • · Receipt of test reports for different concrete products, as well as certificates for the products made with the use of our reinforcements
  • · Timely and high quality assistance
  • · Possibility to acquire high quality raw materials tested in our laboratory at low prices
  • · Receipt of original recipes.

The production line is intended for use of composite rods made of glass, basalt or hydrogen fibers with different top coats. Quartz fine sand may be used as the top coat, as well as metal powders and temperature-resistant mineral granular sand. The details revealing the top coat necessity may be found here.

KS-1 production line is remarkable for its simple structure, high production scores and low power consumption.

Service personnel shall be present in the amount of 2 employees per shift.

Mounting, training of personnel, transfer of production technology is possible.

Production of composite reinforcements is more cost-efficient with our company, if you use our equipment!

You can make an order and receive any additional technical assistance by calling 8 (8342) 23-11-44.

Aspect important in the course of composite reinforcements production

Apparat for meshWe sell composite reinforcements production lines and the equipment at prices starting from 1,000,000 Russian rubles

Production Line of Basalt-Plastic and Fiberglass Rods with Different Types of the Top Coat PL-KS-1.

compozit mesh mashine

Pretreatment Furnace and the Winder 

compozit mesh apparat

Furnaces, Pull Mechanism

compozit mesh produce

Cutoff Mechanisms

compozit mesh produce 2