About Us

Our company is a leader in production of fiberglass and basalt-plastic reinforcements in Russia.
For manufacture of our products we use the unique technology that positively distinguishes us from the major part of our competitors in cost and quality terms.
An important advantage of our reinforcements is their rigid adherence to concrete due to the sand coating.

As a rule, other manufacturers of fiberglass reinforcements try to achieve this property using periodic profile reinforcements consisting of separate roving fibers. But according to the test results, such method is not efficient enough. Our products provide for a good adherence to concrete due to the glass sand coating. Look at the test results showing that application of this method makes the strength of reinforced concrete products half as much as the GOST values!


The basis of our composite reinforcements is basalt or glass fibers (roving) with a modified epoxy resin binder.
Fiberglass reinforcements have lots of advantages. The most convincing of them are as follows:
1)  Small specific gravity
2)  High strength
3)  High durability
4)  Very low thermal conductivity
5)  Perfect  resistance to the action of corrosive substances
6)  Relatively low cost
Our products enjoy broad application in construction various facilities.  Moreover, they are just irreplaceable for construction of certain types of buildings.


Composite reinforcements are one of the most efficient construction materials. Technologies are forging ahead, and our products develop together with the industry. Cooperating with us you can be sure that you are using advanced construction materials.


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