Low-rise construction

Our fiberglass and basalt plastic reinforcements are broadly applied in low-rise construction. Due to their low cost and perfect performance, year by year they keep enjoying a great demand in the field.

Composite meshes are the type of reinforcements most commonly applied in low-rise construction. This product acts as a binder in brick and stone works using cement and sand mixture. The use of composite meshes in low-rise construction produces an amazing effect— the speed of wall destruction and the risk of crack formation are reduced 1.5-2 times! Another important aspect is that fiberglass reinforcements are not prone to corrosion. They don’t degrade in the course of time or in humid conditions, which distinguishes them from their steel analogs.

Composite reinforcements are completely radio transparent. It’s a great advantage when these products are used for construction of low-rise residential buildings. They are not electrically conductive, simple and easy to operate.

Currently our reinforcements are rightfully considered one of the most universal and promising construction materials. As practice shows, they completely meet the modern construction requirements.