Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are currently gaining more and more popularity in construction. Their main advantage is a perfect heat insulation of the building. Their use for heating purposes enables the owners to significantly save on the heating during the cold season.

Ties by our company are an essential component of sandwich panels. Hardly had basalt plastic and fiberglass ties appeared at the market, when they immediately ousted the metal ones. Such demand for composite ties used in sandwich panel production is conditioned by the following:

1)  Fiberglass ties have a very low thermal conductivity. Their thermal resistance is 40 higher than the thermal resistance of steel. Thus, their use improves heat insulating properties of sandwich panels.

2)  Composite ties as opposed to metal ones are not prone to corrosion caused by moisture. Moreover, their response even to the destructive alkaline concrete medium is much lower than in case with their steel competitors.

3)  Our ties are of the equal diameter throughout the length. Due to this fact, no end-to-end channel is formed in the heat insulating layer of the structure.

We develop and manufacture one of the most promising construction materials. Our products completely meet the modern construction requirements.