Grillages are an essential foundation part, and their incorrect erection may have most dangerous effect. The grillage function is load transfer from the building superstructure to the soil.

Composite reinforcements are most suitable for concrete grillages. There is a number of reasons:

1) Fiberglass reinforcements are cheaper than metal reinforcements of any brand. Due to this fact the overall cost of construction is reduced too.

2) Fiberglass reinforcements are lighter than steel reinforcements. It simplifies and facilitates construction process.

3) Fiberglass reinforcements have perfect corrosion resistance properties. They don’t rust and excellently endure  the alkaline concrete medium.

4) Our composite reinforcements have perfect concrete adherence properties. They are achieved due to sputtering quartz sand on the product during its hardening in a furnace. Our tests show that it makes the strength of reinforced concrete structures half as much as the GOST values.

Fiberglass reinforcements are used in concrete grillages. For correct selection of reinforcement diameter and calculation of reinforcement pattern please call 8 (800) 333-38-64, Alexey. By contacting us over the phone you can also request grillage calculation for a low-rise building, 5 and 9-storey residential building.