Hold-down walls

Hold-down walls are used to support membrane waterproofing, as well as to protect it from damages on the outer surfaces of basement walls. Since the 80s of the 20th century composite reinforcements have been more and more often used for hold-down wall erection. This type of reinforcement has rather many advantages as compared with the metal one. Let’s consider the most significant benefits:

1)  Fiberglass reinforcements have rather high corrosion resistance properties. They don’t rust and are not prone to the negative impact of the alkaline concrete medium. The service of hold-down concrete walls increases many times when fiberglass reinforcements are used.

2)  Composite reinforcements are much lighter than steel ones. It enables to reduce transportation costs and facilitate the mounting.

3)  Our fiberglass reinforcements have perfect concrete adhesion. To achieve this result we use a unique technology — sputtering quartz sand at the stage of reinforcement hardening in a furnace.

Composite reinforcements are a modern construction material, which is going to become more and more popular. Using it now may considerably improve the quality of construction projects and lower their cost.

Fiberglass reinforcements in hold-down walls. For correct selection of reinforcement diameter and calculation of reinforcement patterns please call +7 (8342) 23-11-44, Alexey. If you need to re-calculate a ready hold-down wall project, please call and we’ll help you.