Basalt-plastic reinforcements

Basalt-plastic reinforcements are a modern construction material with a number of critical properties. The main one is a high strength. Thus, the average tensile strength of basalt plastic reinforcements is 2-2.5 times as much as that of steel reinforcement with a similar diameter. Moreover, basalt-plastic reinforcements are virtually not prone to corrosion and can be used in most severe environments. For example, at the boundary of two media— water and air. They don’t rust, they are not prone to hydrodestruction, thus being a universal construction material.

Basalt-plastic reinforcements differ from those made of glass fiber only by their reinforcing fibers. In terms of strength basalt plastic reinforcements exceed glass fibers by at least 20%, and their price is higher approximately by 30%. A small difference in strength makes it possible to use basalt plastic reinforcement for the application where fiber glass can’t be used.

The main advantages of basalt plastic reinforcements are as follows:

1)  Low cost as opposed to steel reinforcements

2)  Low weight. Basalt-plastic reinforcements are 5 times lighter than steel reinforcements.

3)  Very low temperature resistance. Basalt-plastic reinforcements retain their properties at low temperatures.

4)  Low thermal conductivity. As opposed to its metal analogs, this product type doesn’t make any “cold bridges” in building walls.

5)  Environmental friendliness. This construction material doesn’t emit any harmful or toxic substances.

6)  Almost unlimited length. We can manufacture basalt-plastic reinforcements of the length you need.

Application of basalt-plastic reinforcements in construction reduces the cost of building erection and increases the strength. They are rightfully considered one of the most promising construction materials with growing popularity.