We manufacture composite construction reinforcement of a highest quality. The scope of application of our up-to-date high-tech products is very wide. In particular, our composite reinforcements are used for construction and repair of bridges.

The choice of composite reinforcements as an alternative to steel ones for bridge construction is rather reasonable. Such reinforcements have perfect endurance properties; they are not prone to the negative impact of corrosive media and moisture.  Another advantage is their low weight, which is especially important for the erection of long bridges.

Composite reinforcements can be supplied in any length. There are virtually no production limits in terms of length  — reinforcements are melted, and then rolled in coils for transportation. But another problem arises — vehicle load capacity limiting the size of reinforcement coils.

Fiberglass reinforcements are used for reinforcing bridges.

For correct selection of reinforcement diameter and calculation of reinforcement patterns please call +7 (8342) 23-11-44, Alexey. If you need to re-calculate a ready bridge project, please call and we’ll help you.