Fiberglass reinforcements

Fiberglass concrete reinforcement

    Armatura+ composite reinforcements are designed to substitute metal in construction structures

Fiberglass reinforcement advantages


Composite reinforcements are cheaper than metal by 30%!
To reinforce a 10х10 m foundation you’ll need about 1,000 meters of reinforcements.
10 mm (d10) АIII class metal reinforcements
The cost of one ton of metal is about 30,000 rubles, the weight of one linear meter of d10 is 0.617 kg.
Then the cost of one meter of the d10 metal is 18.51 rubles, the batch cost is 18,510 rubles
САС 6 fiberglass reinforcement
The cost of one linear meter is 13 rubles, the batch cost is 13,000 rubles
5,510 rubles saved!
And this is without regard to delivery, cutting, handling and assembly costs!


Composite reinforcements are 9 times lighter than metal and are supplied in easy-to-handle coils.
For example, you need 1,000 linear meters of reinforcement for a house foundation.

D10 metal weight is 750 kg.

In practice it means that you need a truck, crane or workers to unload, then you need workers to cut, to carry the material (two-three rods at a time  – two workers min.); to joint or weld the heavy reinforcements – all these often turns out to be a real problem!

Now let’s have a look at this process with composite reinforcements. You manually put 10 coils to the baggage comportment of your car (120 meters in a coil) and go to your construction site. Then you manually take it out from the baggage compartment, cut the fixtures off, and the reinforcements straighten! You only have to bind it…


Fiberglass reinforcements are thousands of continuous glass fibers gathered in a single rod, due to which a very high strength is achieved! A sand coating on the rod surface is of the utmost importance for a good adherence to concrete.

Rupture load of fiberglass reinforcements –  1200 MPa, of metal reinforcements – 390 MPa!!!

Thanks to this property fiberglass reinforcement which is 8 m in diameter is stronger than the d12 metal.


Strength correspondence table

Metal reinforcements Fiberglass reinforcement rods
Diameter 6 A-III Diameter 4 СAС
Diameter 10 A-III Diameter 6 СAС
Diameter 12 A-III Diameter 8 СAС
Diameter 14 A-III Diameter 10 СAС
Diameter 16 A-III Diameter 12 СAС
Diameter 18 A-III Diameter 14 СAС


  • In foundations of low-rise buildings (up to 3 storeys)
  • For reinforcement of the floors in industrial facilities, including those bearing high loads
  • In concrete floors, fills, perimeter walks, hold-down walls
  • As ties in brickwork
  • For reinforcement of road and  airfield slabs
  • For swimming pool construction
  • For water work and bank revetments

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  Fiberglass reinforcements are an up-to-date construction material with a very wide scope of application. The most popular spheres are specified above. 

There is also a number of more “exotic” fields of application, when the use of fiberglass reinforcement is incomparable in terms of properties and cost:

1)  for storage construction at chemical facilities

2)  for  erection of amelioration, water disposal, and sewerage systems and channel construction

3)  for fountain construction

4)  manufacture of roadway cross ties, electric power pylons

The fields where application of fiberglass reinforcements is not advisable due to the lack of research.

1)​ in the pillars of bridge load carrying structures

2) in the walls of monolithic building of more than 3 storeys

3) stair flights

4) ceiling panels longer than 4 meters (without pre-stressing)

Fiberglass reinforcements are actively ousting their metal competitors from the market. Their additional advantages include:

1)  Radio transparency.

2)  Low heat conductivity. Fiberglass reinforcements, as opposed to the metal ones, don’t form “cold bridges” in winter.

3)  High corrosion resistance, strength and durability. Fiberglass reinforcements greatly extend the life of the concrete structures it is used in.

Thus, fiberglass reinforcements are literally one of today’s most promising construction materials.

Comparative characteristics of reinforcements

Property Metal reinforcements of А-III (А400С) class САС fiberglass reinforcement rods
Material Steel Glass roving, bound with epoxy-based polymer
Tensile strength, MPa 390 1200
Elastic modulus, MPa 200 000 55 000
Relative elongation, % 25 2,2
Density, t/m³ 7 2
Corrosion resistance Rusts Stainless material
Thermal conductivity Thermally conductive Thermally non-conductive
Electrical conductivity Electrically conductive Electrically non-conductive – dielectric
Profiles produced, mm 6 – 80 4 – 20
Length 6-12 m rods In accordance with purchaser’s request. Any construction length. Supply in coils is available as an option.
Environmental effect Eco-friendly Non-toxic, 4th hazard class (low hazard) in terms of the effect on the human body and  the environment
Durability In accordance with construction standards Life expectancy  – 80 years min
Parameters of equally strong reinforcement  cage under the 25 t/m² load When 8 А-III reinforcement is used, the mesh size is 14×14 cm. Weight – 5.5 kg/m² When 8 САС reinforcement is used, the mesh size is 23×23 cm. Weight – 0.61 kg/m². 9 times lighter


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