Road bed

The scope of composite reinforcement application is very wide. So wide that in includes road works as well. Fiberglass reinforcements are intensively used everywhere in the world for reinforcement of roadbeds and fences.

One of advantages of composite reinforcements coming to the front in this field is the opportunity to make reinforcements of virtually unlimited length. Reinforcements are melt, and then rolled in a coil. It significantly simplifies their further application in roadbed construction.

Fiberglass reinforcements have rather a low weight, but remarkably exceed steel analogs in terms of strength. For example, the results of fiberglass reinforcement testing show tensile strength which is 2 times higher than that of similar steel products of  А III class.

Composite reinforcements are very resistant to the influence of corrosive media. They are not prone to the impact of moisture, and can be used in the conditions of constant acid and alkali impact.

Fiberglass reinforcements are used for roadbed construction as reinforcing structure or for connection of two parallel roadbeds. Of special interest are concrete slip-form pavers, for example SP 850 Vario by Wirtgen

Concrete slip-form paver for cement concrete pavement construction. The equipment includes devices for reinforcement rods installation into longitudinal and transversal seams, as well as smoothing slabs. Composite reinforcements can serve as a perfect substitution of metal anchors and reduce the cost of reinforcement by 30%.

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