Who can be a Dealer

Any company or individual entrepreneur may become our dealer. Of course, work experience in the construction industry is desirable.

Most preference is given to metal sale companies, companies engaged in wholesale of construction materials, construction hypermarkets as well as constructors. It does not mean that we do not deal with small companies starting to develop their business. They will face more difficulties. But we have experience of dealing with individual entrepreneurs which sell twice more products than the network of 3 construction supermarkets. All depends on your wish to work, knowledge of specific features of the products and, of course, active promotion.

If you wish to sell composite reinforcements in your region, you should understand 3 principles:

1. Composite reinforcements are more profitable than metal

We mean not only the price, but strength, delivery, high corrosion resistance as well. (So to say, it is a rational kernel)

2. This product is relatively new.

It means that you shall not expect plenty of buyers willing to purchase the goods. You will have to communicate their advantages to the customers – to advertize, to meet with construction companies, to convince them to try your products.

3. Potential market size of the fiberglass reinforcements is great!

According to specialists’ estimates, the size of fiberglass reinforcement market is about 1.4% for 2011 of the potential market!

Sales and production output in Russia doubles every 2 years!

Nearly every person building a cottage and every construction company is a potential customer. Our production output and sales results of our dealers engaged in active distribution prove the same.

If you wish to sell fiberglass reinforcements, your first steps shall be following:

1. Study specific features of the product.

Call us or send us a request by e-mail. We will provide all necessary materials, descriptions, applications, advantages, etc. Feel free to call us anytime.

2. Develop a marketing plan.

You can find initial information here.

You can discuss your promotion plan with our team. We are ready to advice you on effective advertizing means, what construction companies are likely to get interested in the products.

3. Makethefirstpurchase

Standard single purchase for dealers shall amount to 500 thousand rubles. If there are no our dealers in your region, we can negotiate a lesser volume, for example, 150 thousand rubles. Probably, in this case the purchase price will be a little bit higher than the dealer price.