Bank protection

The number of country houses erected in the nearshore zone is growing every year. But construction works in such areas are connected with a number of difficulties, primarily with caving. Soil erosion is a normal, constant natural process, which nevertheless inflicts harm to construction in the nearshore zone.

For soil protection from erosion and caving certain bank protection measures are taken. An important construction material used for such works is fiberglass reinforcements. In this case they are suited much better than metal reinforcements of any brand. It is conditioned primarily by a high corrosion resistance of composite reinforcements. They don’t contain elements, which can rust, therefore they are not prone to the negative impact of moisture.

Fiberglass reinforcements are rather a cheap construction material. It is maybe one of their main advantages, because bank protection works are normally carried out on big areas and require considerable amount of construction materials. In this case it contributes to great savings.

Fiberglass reinforcements are used for reinforcing bank protection structures.

For correct selection of reinforcement diameter and calculation of reinforcement patterns please call +7 (8342) 23-11-44, Alexey. If you need to re-calculate a ready bank protection structure project, please call and we’ll help you.