To companies and self-employed entrepreneurs

·  Supply of composite reinforcements to any RF region;

·  Dealer agreement (selling the products under our brand name in your region is possible);

·  Arrangement of co-production in your region.

Proposal for cooperation

Our company – ARMATURA + is very interested in the development of partnership relations  in the entire RF territory. The following options are available for our dealers, or official distributors:

·  Dealer prices with great discounts;

·  Clients from your region, applying to us immediately, will be re-directed to you. We’ll post detailed contact information about your company on our website;

·  Dealers are provided with free  promotional leaflets and product samples;

·  Commodity loans (depending on turnover);

·  Priority in manufacture of your order;

·  Technical and practical consultations.

How to become a dealer

To become our dealer you should meet the following requirements:

·  Have a registered LLC, be a registered self-employed entrepreneur, etc. with an operating settlement account;

·  Be able to  advise clients, sell and supply products to private persons and companies;

·  Fulfil contractual obligations and  observe payment discipline;

·  Have sales infrastructure or understanding of sales policy structure to ensure a certain volume of purchased from the manufacturer;

·  Have financial capacities for potential growth of the company;

·  Initial purchase to the amount to be agreement at signing an exclusive dealer agreement. The product quantity is to be agreed for each region individually.

To designers

A system of bonuses for designers in case of inclusion of the respective reinforcements in the projects! Write to us, and we’ll be glad to help you.