Caution: fiberglass reinforcement!!!

We produce fiberglass reinforcements in Saransk.

It’s no easy matter to produce and especially sell a product, if you are not sure in its high quality, and therefore much effort and money have been spent in the expiring year on comprehensive testing of our reinforcements and particularly the items it is used in. be broke the rods, we laid them in floors and foundations, applied more load, but as a result chose road slab, or to be more precise, the slab for permanent roads 1П30.18-30 as per GOST21924-84. Why road slabs? Just because it’s a very “serious” item, it should bear high loads (up to 30 tons) on elastic foundation, and it is relatively simple to produce at any plant and simple to test using the GOST methods.

It stands to mention that test arrangement is a very long and complicated process. First we had to make an agreement with concrete goods plant, to arrive, to monitor the slab production process, to monitor how the concrete got stronger,  then to test it in the correct way – it takes at least one month, if not two. As a result during summer-autumn of 2012 we managed to carry out tests at three concrete goods plants  – in Ruzaevka, Aktobe (Kazakhstan) and in Moscow region.

The first test results were, to put it mildly, scaring…

For slab production we used fiberglass reinforcements 6 and 8 mm in diameter, smooth, with periodic profile, made of separate roving fibers. According to GOST, the slab must bear 6.1 ton static load before the first microcracks appear.

Our slab bore only 3 tons!!! It turned out that we manufactured a product, which was not suited for construction at all.

We increased reinforcement diameter, reduced protective layer in concrete – and failed again, there was hardly 5 tons born. I can confess that at that moment the future of our enterprise was hanging by a single hair, but analysis of broken slabs helped a lot. A closer study showed that the reinforcements didn’t lose their properties, the slab surface cracked chaotically, but the reinforcements inside stayed intact … Why??? It turned to be very simple. For the time being we had already started making pilot lots of reinforcements without periodic profile, but with the entire outer surface covered with quartz sand at the stage of hardening in a furnace. They made another two slabs, started applying load and…

A slab with reinforcements having sand coating bore 10 tons of static loads before the first microcracs appeared instead of 6.1 tons provided for by GOST!!!

That was the actual data. Production of reinforcements without sand coating was immediately stopped, and we had to equip all the lines with sand application devices. After that tests were carried out at another two plants. The data was confirmed, it turned out that adhesion to concrete at the microlevel was the determining factor for possible application of fiberglass reinforcements in construction structures.

The tests were over. Reinforcements with sand coating are successfully used in industrial floors, grillages, foundations and as ties. Meanwhile we opened a new workshop:


We cut down the prices and accept orders for the next construction season.


– 3 times stronger than metal

– 9 times lighter

– 30-40% cheaper

– easier and cheaper to transport

– easier to mount due to low weight.

Basic field of application:

– in house and bath foundations,

– in swimming pool construction

– in concrete floors, fills, perimeter walks, hold-down walls

– as ties in brickwork

– greenhouse rods


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